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A primary focus of our Firm is working with astute families, addressing their wealth transfer needs. Many of our clients are concerned with the impact of capital gains tax on their estate, wanting to proactively invest pennies on the dollar instead of paying CRA dollar for dollar. 

Strategic Diversification

To optimize your Family's net worth and estate values, the strategic diversification of your assets is imperative. It must include not only fixed income and equity investments, business and real estate holdings, but also the fourth asset class: Life Insurance. This is where we come in.

Family Estate Cycle

At every stage within your Family's estate cycle there is a focus. In the beginning you grow your wealth. Upon retirement, you efficiently access the wealth needed for your lifestyle. Ultimately, there is going to be a portion of untouched wealth. Our focus is ensuring this portion remains whole. 

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Estate Distribution

You have choices when distributing your estate: heirs, charity, or CRA via capital gains estate tax. Our team of industry professionals works to implement insurance solutions that fund the estate taxes, enabling you to control how your wealth is distributed.

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